2024 Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Trends

2024 Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Trends

We reminisce on our times at the Atlanta Apparel Mart, where we held the position as one of the Southeast’s top engagement ring sources since 2008. Our move to Chastain led to an increase of custom designed pieces, our specialty and all made in house. However that doesn’t mean our hearts don’t have room for two things we love doing!

Tara, creative director and social media manager, has been in charge of social media content creation and management at Luxor for two years now. Here are some of the major trends Tara has seen so far in 2024 and expects to see in 2025 -

Oval and odd-shaped diamonds.

Not odd, but rare. We’ve seen a lot of asscher, old mine, elongated cushion and tons of radiant stones set as engagement rings.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings.

This generation loves timeless just as much as they love ever changing trends, and the solitaire is the perfect answer. Usually cast in yellow or white gold, these bands were around since ancient Roman times and purposefully designed to showcase the diamond. It means love and commitment between the couple, as well as representing purity and strength. It also means more rooms for diamonds in the wedding band!

Eternity Bands.

Whether they are made with natural or lab diamonds or gemstones; eternity bands are the perfect band and make gorgeous anniversary and push presents. We are obsessed with them with emerald cut diamonds, sapphires, mixed diamond shapes or in yellow gold.

Yellow Gold Settings.

Our entire family has Leo somewhere in their Zodiac chart and we are most likely always seen in the color, as it was associated with the sun since ancient times.  That’s why the increase in yellow gold settings make me especially happy, since I usually find most people looking amazing in the color!

Mixed Metal Settings.

It doesn’t have to be completely yellow either. Mixed metals and shapes are all over Pinterest right now, and mixing the two colors is my favorite trend, because we’ve been doing it for years! Like I said earlier, I love a yellow eternity band. It looks amazing when you pair it with a Cartier love ring on days you don’t want to wear your engagement ring, which is something I see my mom, Talar, do. 

Three Stone Engagement Rings.

I have been loving these too. They look amazing with an emerald or oval center. 


The bezel… my all time favorite. I love this on any shape diamond, we had one of the best looking ones recently made set in yellow gold on an Oval center stone. It looked amazing with a plain yellow gold wedding band too. I think it really deserves to be set in only yellow, but I’m bias.

Baguettes Everywhere.

Love them! We worked with a designer and soon-to-be bride on her engagement ring that had an emerald center, baguettes on the side of the setting and a matching baguette wedding band. It. Was. Gorgeous. 


Stay tuned to designing a custom engagement ring on our site soon!