Our Story


Meet Manuk and Talar Torossian, the husband and wife team and owners of Luxor Fine Jewelry. 

Manuk started his journey as a diamond setter learning skills in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. At age 17, he moved to New York City, became a master in jewelry, was certified as a GIA Gemologist and worked with many high-profile designers. In 1997, he flew home for Christmas to visit his family and a chance meeting with Talar sealed their fate. He instantly knew she was the one for him and extended his stay for a week to spend more time with her. Manuk returned to Instanbul three months later with a custom engagement ring he specially created for her and luckily, she said yes! After a whirlwind engagement and wedding, the two were wed and settled in New York as a couple. After two years, they decided to move to Atlanta where Manuk brought the first invisible cutting machine. As an innovator in the jewelry business, Manuk was able to do everything under one roof. He was able to cast metals, set diamonds and stones, manufacture settings and polish his designs. He continues to carry that integrity and matter of trust at Luxor, where everything is done in-house. 

While Manuk grew the business, he needed Talar to come in and manage the store. With a background in hotel management, this was easy for Talar. She stepped in and took GIA courses to further her knowledge of the jewelry industry. With Talar’s warm personality and Manuk’s beautiful craftsmanship, this winning combination has clients wanting more. To add to their attractive offerings, Luxor Fine Jewelry is a wholesale business, offering all pieces made in the USA.

Custom designed jewelry is Luxor’s specialty but they also offer a variety of designer pieces and have pre-made items in their store for clients. Watch and jewelry repair, appraisals and more are available. Their goal is to not only provide you with exceptional jewelry pieces but to also build lasting relationships. When you shop at Luxor, you are treated like family!